Château-Châlon in Jura
Jura is my native land, and I enjoy going back there. Jura are small mountains in the East of France, close to Switzerland. Forests, lakes, small villages... and one of the most wonderful and unknown wine in France: the Vin Jaune!

Picturing Birds
A tern, my favourite sea bird, caught in New England, and a vulture from Grand Canyon

Observatoire de Meudon

Observing in Chile
Amazing landscapes before and during observations nights.

Harvard Observatory in Cambridge
One of the oldest dome in the US, and a great place for Astronomy!

Sailing in Brest
I studied few years in the westernest city of France. I also enjoyed the sea and particularly sailing along the wild coast of French Brittany.

Hiking the Pic de Clarabide, Pyrenees
When I was in Toulouse, I could enjoyed the Pyrenees and the peacefulness of its valleys.

Vanoise National Park in the Alps
This National park harbours numerous glaciers and peaks up to 4000m.

Scuba diving in Banyuls
Best place to dive around Toulouse. Going underwater means both organising safety, and having fun in a world with no limits.

T60 observatory, Pic du Midi
Picturing the sky, just for the beauty of the night there.

Cruising in the Bay of Biscay
Wonderful cruise from Brest to Galicia in Spain. But what can we do there, 400 km from the nearest civilised city, with only water around the boat?...
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